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Interested in deploying ASIC BitCoin Miners? How about GPU miners so you can mine the alt-coins like Ethereum, Dash, or Monero?

DCG has the experience and expertise to help make you successful mining cryptocurrencies.  We’ve deployed mining equipment at our Los Angeles and Las Vegas internet data centers that enjoy 99.99% uptime. Best of all, DCG monitors and manages the equipment using the same enterprise monitoring and escalation tools used for our enterprise business clients.

Our sister company Frontier Mining provides both GPU and ASIC rigs, engineering support, and mining dashboards. You can trust Frontier Mining to help with large or small BitCoin Mining projects. FM configures their miners to write directly to our clients crypto wallets, so you can be assured that the mining process is secure and all aspects of the mining process are transparent.

Frontier Mining and DCG is building out larger facilities in Washington state where power is dramatically cheaper. Stay tuned for announcements from DCG and Frontier Mining about our new mining facilities they will dramatically lower our client’s monthly power and cooling costs.  Learn more about BitCoin, Alt Coins, GPU Mining, ASIC mining at