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What is the “DCG Backup Baseline”, and how do I get there?

By November 20, 2010No Comments2 min read

Everyone knows that without a good backup in place, your business risks complete data loss in the event of a server theft, fire, hardware failure, or other catastrophic event. Your business risks partial data loss if one of your users accidentally deletes files, or replaces new versions of files with old copies.

To meet the “DCG Backup Baseline”, we require that a backup system be in place that meets the following criteria:

  1. A copy of the data is taken off site every week.(Daily is best, but once a week will meet our baseline.)
  2. The backup program you use needs to have capability of reporting daily “success/failure” so that our St. Bernard Managed Care agent can alert us in the event of a problem.
  3. You need to retain at least two weeks of daily backups. (Four weeks is best, but two weeks will meet baseline so you can restore older versions of your files.)
  4. The backup device needs to be sized so that all of your data will fit on a single tape/drive.
  5. The backup device needs to be fast enough so that a full backup can be completed every night.
  6. The system needs to be able to backup your Active Directory, Server System State, SQL/Pervasive DBs, and Exchange Mail. (Keep in mind that Carbonite/Mozy and other online backup solutions cannot get any of this, and we need it in order to recover your business quickly in case of crash/theft/fire.)

If your company meets most, but not all, of the above backup requirements, we can help you get there quickly and inexpensively. If you don’t have anything in place, I invite you to check out our server backup and disaster recovery solution called Dependable SafeSTOR (DSS). DSS is the best way to meet these requirements because it is quick to install and requires no intervention by your employees. Everything is done by DCG. You don’t have to worry about taking tapes/drives off site and, since we can run your failed server on the DSS backup appliance itself, we can get you back up and running within hours instead of days.