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An organization’s most important asset for success and continuity is DATA. Don’t believe it? Unplug your computers for one day.

Protecting data is an essential duty of any organization’s executive. The technology to bullet proof data and quickly restore operations in the event of any data loss is now available to all organizations using technology previously available only to very large organizations.

There are 5 essential practices to protect and bullet-proof data:

  1. Begin with the end in mind – be able to restore one or multiple servers quickly
  2. Backup data as close to the time it is created as possible
  3. Store the data locally so quick restores are possible
  4. Store the encrypted data in two secure locations
  5. Automate the process and monitor it 24×7 to ensure that it is working perfectly

Dependable Computer Guys, Inc. now provides data protection and rapid recovery technology that continuously protects organizations’ most important asset – data!

A recent study discovered that, of companies experiencing a “major loss” of computer records, 43 percent never reopened, 51 percent closed within two years of the loss, and a mere 6 percent survived over the long-term For small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) in particular, these statistics suggest the necessity of crafting a Business Continuity Planning (BCP) strategy grounded in a robust data backup and recovery solution.

Unlike larger enterprises, smaller companies cannot afford optimal in-house strategies and solutions for BCP. These companies are consequently at an elevated risk of being put out of business due to a major loss of data. Loss of data could mean emails lost, accounting data lost, patient or client files lost, company records lost, client legal records or orders lost and so on. Our white paper located at evaluates the scope of BCP for smaller organizations with 10-350 employees, by examining their challenges, range of existing solutions and their drawbacks. We will also reveal how the Dependable SafeSTORTM solution overcomes commonly faced challenges to offer the most comprehensive solution available.

Highlights of the Service:

A complete solution that is designed to reduce any server down time with the use of a specialized back up technology and a specially designed virtual server appliance.

Allows near real-time backups gathering new data as frequent as every 15 minutes.

Includes secure storage at two offsite data centers

Includes engineers monitoring, managing, administering, and assessing the data 24×7

Provides a speedy disaster recovery process

Captured data is encrypted so it is not accessible to anyone, either on the NAS or at the remote storagefacility without the passkey.

Automated disk-to-disk processes eliminate the poor reliability of on-site tape backup

Frequent on site backups, on site virtual server, remote storage, disaster recovery in the event of disaster and 24×7 management of the entire process are bundled at a price that is comparable or cheaper than the overall cost of buying and managing tape backup.

Disk backup offers not only lower cost with encryption, but additional advantages. In contrast to tape, disks are more durable, last longer, withstand more overwriting and the accuracy of the stored data is not dependent upon cleaning the recording heads, according to Rinku Tyagi of PCQuest. Additionally, “When it comes to backing up using disks, they are easier to manage. Disk backup systems include management tools, often browser-based, for you to easily configure settings and check status from anywhere.”

HP enumerates other advantages of disk storage, noting that “Data is backed up to disk much faster than tape, which translates to less impact on production server availability. Disk is also a more reliable media than tape and less prone to error, which translates to less failed recoveries.” Clipper Group believes that the superior speed of disk storage is an enduring advantage: “High performance disk will always be the choice for online applications that require fast access.”

While disk offers advantages over tape, it is not a panacea. After installing disk technology, Companies will still be responsible for monitoring and managing backup processes, encrypting and safeguarding backed up onsite and offsite data, restoring data to new hardware, and other functions. Without implementing a layer of governance over disk-based data backup, these Companies court the danger of failed backups and delayed restoration of data, thereby jeopardizing their chances of successful recovery from major data loss.

Smaller companies unable or unwilling to invest in the human expertise and infrastructure support systems necessary for data-oriented BCP can leverage Dependable SafeSTOR data backup and recovery solution.

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