Skip to main content is a revolutionary file-sharing and communication service that allows you to do some pretty amazing things. With three VERY easy online steps, you can upload pictures, videos, documents, text, links and any other type of file to a private space and share them with anyone you would like. It’s free, it’s easy to use and your files are completely un-searchable for added security (you must provide the url to anyone you want to see your files). Without signing up or even providing an email address, you can create as many “drops” as you please and store up to 100MB on each one; if you need more space on a drop, it is only $10 per gig per year!

You can email your drop and have it save your message and attachments; you can send a fax to your drop and it will become a PDF file; you can even call your drop, leave it a message and have it saved as an MP3 file! Click on the screen shot above and see how it works; we’ve uploaded a few files so you can see the way it categorizes everything for you.