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Keep your business safe

Are you able to answer “yes” to these four questions?


If the answer to any of these questions is “No” we invite you to take a look at DCG’s premier backup solution for Microsoft Exchange servers called Dependable SafeSTOR™.

  • In the event of a fire, theft or equipment failure, do you know how long would it will take to get mail flowing again?
  • Have you verified, in the last month your ability to recover your exchange server by doing a test restore?
  • If an employee quits and erases the contents of his company owned mail, contacts, or calendar entries; would you be able to get the deleted records back?
  • Does your business have a process for rotating your backup disks or tapes off site on a daily or weekly basis?

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Exchange Server Disaster Recovery

DCG’s Dependable SafeSTORE™

With Dependable SafeSTOR™ (DSS) there are NO TAPES to change, no drives to clean, and no need to manually take tapes/disks elsewhere for safekeeping.

Speedy disaster recovery

Dependable SafeSTOR™ is an automated Exchange Server Backup system that removes human error by automatically copying an encrypted backup of your data to our secure data centers in Denver and Baltimore. Since your primary backup copy is at your site, DSS can restore your lost messages or mail files over the local area network much quicker than “off site only” solutions like Carbonite™.

Microsoft Enterprise Server, Microsoft Standard Server Backup, Microsoft Small Business Server backup, Microsoft Exchange Server backup, Microsoft Exchange Server Brick by Brick backup, and Microsoft SQL server.

Dependable Server Backup

If your Microsoft Exchange server stops working, Dependable SafeSTOR™ can virtualize your server, getting you up and working in minutes instead of hours or days.

Relax knowing DCG is looking at your backups on a daily basis. In order to assure business continuity in case of server crash, DCG does “practice restores” on a monthly basis. We do this test on the local copy and the remote copy located outside of California at our secure data centers in Colorado and Maryland.

Whether your entire Exchange server has gone off line, or if you have just lost a single critical email; DSS offers speedy disaster recovery. DSS’s “Brick Level” Exchange Server backup can restore an individual mail file, or even a single email.


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