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Information technology offers companies the leverage they need to produce, store and retrieve critical information. Control over where and how this data is used is critical to a company’s security. In addition to industry-specific laws surrounding medical and education fields, critical information such as employee bank information and social security numbers must be protected at all costs. Additionally, thieves sometimes try and use your information to turn a profit or poach a thriving corporation’s customers. The solution to these problems: cloud computing in Los Angeles

What the Cloud Can Do

Many businesses do not have the resources to create their own cloud network, develop their own tools, or hire a full-time staff of dedicated IT security professionals. Our thriving city is a competitive place where thieves could be waiting to hijack your data or infiltrate your company. A cloud computing provider in Los Angeles gives your organization the reliability of backups, the resources of a dedicated security staff, proven network infrastructure and all the computing power you need — often scaling up seamlessly as your company grows.

The Risks Involved

We constantly hear of new attacks on private businesses from hackers who are out to extort huge sums of money. Case in point, ransomware (you can read more about it here). The problem has become so serious that the FBI is keeping a close eye on the problem. Do you have the resources necessary to physically and technologically secure everything in your organization? To have a host of security guards, locked doors and expensive professionals safeguarding all your equipment and data? What if a worker’s laptop is simply stolen and then resold with the information still on it – would you feel secure?

The Cloud Can Keep You Safe

With cloud computing, every employee at your organization has access to a secure cloud desktop that is connected to your organization’s network. This account access is customizable and can be revoked at any time. Unlike a physical computer, which stores data on a hard drive, the information is stored on a secure cloud server and is never saved locally. With only one point of access that requires a user name and password every time, it is impossible for a thief or cyber-criminal to steal information from the stolen device. If a user’s login is accidentally compromised, an administrator can quickly revoke the rogue user’s connection and change their password. This mitigates the risk of stolen hardware and client information.


Customers can appreciate this security as well. In addition to more reliable services through cloud architecture, your clients can be confident that their information is safe in your hands. Their peace of mind can drive sales while the cloud mitigates the cost of network breaches, credit reporting services for affected clients and potential lawsuits from data theft. With added security, the ability to scale with your organization, the ability to reduce IT overhead and significantly reduced operating costs, cloud computing can give your Los Angeles organization the edge it needs to thrive in an ever-increasingly technology dominated marketplace. Learn more about how safe the cloud can be, we at DCG are more than happy to answer your questions!