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There is a variety of blended threats in cyberspace, and it’s important for you to know not only that you’re protected, but that you’re protecting yourself in the most cost efficient way.

In addition to viruses, there is the constant looming threat of malware. It is issues with malware that can take hours of time and hundreds of dollars for each occurrence — not to mention the downtime and lost productivity by your end users.

St. Bernard Managed Care for each of your workstations is by far the most fail-safe and cost-efficient way to protect your business against these real threats. Here’s why:

  • St. Bernard includes our best of class Antirvirus (AV) and Anti-malware (AM). This is significant because St. Bernard allows us to move between “best of class” AV and AM products. If a particular product stops performing, we can easily change to a better tool. Committing to any AV tool for more than a few months can leave you with a tool that fails to “keep up” with the current threats. Currently we are using the enterprise versions of GFI Viper AV and Malwarebytes anti-malware.
  • Most threats that cause downtime for your users, and high billable hours by DCG, come from malware, not viruses. Investments in products such as AVG, which may be cheaper but is not good with malware, actuality costs your business much, much more in the long run. We often run the “single use” version of malware bytes at companies’ sites, and it finds sometimes hundreds of problems that AVG misses. DCG pays for enterprise versions of the Viper AV licenses and the enterprise version of malware bytes, so licensing or paying for upgrades to those products is unnecessary.

Since DCG uses the Enterprise version of Malwarebytes, your site will enjoy automated scans of every workstation which fix problems without paying us to do it manually. The automated running of Malwarebytes also stops many malware threats before they have time to spread, or make the workstation unusable.

  • St. Bernard has other tools that allow us to lower your overall IT costs. LogMeIn Pro is an incredible value and helps you save money on billable hours. It’s provided for free and allows our help desk engineers to easily remote into your workstations. LogMeIn Pro is faster than other similar tools and allows us to access safe-mode, perform “last known good”, and we’re given access to the boot process. This capability lets us do things remotely that used to require an on-site visit with the old tools. And LogMeIn-Pro allows you to “share your screen” with other vendors, like your accounting consultant/CPA/payroll or other software consultant. This is permission-based and is very easy to use.

Allowing your other consultants remote control may save you money in terms of on site visits.

  • According to technology researcher Gartner, two million new viruses/malware threats are released into the wild each month. It is because of this that Microsoft has stepped up their security patch update frequency. Obtaining these updates/patches and making sure each workstation applies these updates/patchesimmediatly is critical. St. Bernard handles this automatically and alerts DCG technical staff if a workstation/laptop/server stops accepting the updates.

Without St Bernard, a workstation can fall behind on the security patches that are essential to being safe from the threats.

Staying up to date with these patches will lower DCG billable hours because we won’t need to manually push these updates and troubleshoot failures of the update process.

  • St. Bernard handles “site-wide” updates to common software. For example, we can tell St. Bernard to update every body’s workstation to the latest version of the adobe PDF reader and it will be done automatically overnight. Without St. Bernard, our engineer or your staff must go to each workstation to push out these new programs or updates.
  • A “full hard drive” can cause a PC to stop working. St. Bernard cleans Internet debris three times per week so the machines run faster. St. Bernard alerts us if a drive is 90% full so we can take action before the end user has downtime due to a full drive.

Because cyber threats have become so serious and numerous over the last two years, DCG has only taken on new clients who agree to put St. Bernard on their workstations. St. Bernard Managed Care is significantly cheaper than our competitors and includes enterprise licensing for the following products:

GFI Enterprise Anti-Virus
GFI Spybot Search and Destroy
Malwarebytes Enterprise
LogMeIn Pro Enterprise
Integrated Tools
Patch Management
Internet debris removal (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Automated 3rd party program installation/updates
Workstation Hardware and Software inventory Reports

For the safety of your business, consider DCG-recommended St. Bernard for all of your servers and workstations.