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IT support firms can help you explore varying endpoint security options. There are different tech “flavors” of this service. What it essentially does is act as a sort of operational “filter” for mobile devices and endpoints. Not all endpoints are mobile, after all. Think of endpoint security as a net that combs through the digital sea catching the bad fish and leaving clear operational waters behind.

Los Angeles Managed IT Services providers that offer endpoint security solutions will help your SMB tackle a variety of recurring issues such as:

Data Theft

IT experts can help you defer data theft in a variety of ways. For example, an endpoint accessing the network remotely might be screened. Encryption best practices may be applied. Monitoring solutions exist as well. Certain devices are barred even from accessing certain parts of the network. You can set trust levels and that’s key in managing “legacy” hardware.

Antivirus Updates

Managed IT services providers can help keep your antivirus software up-to-date. As new software and hardware develop, so do new viruses. This is inevitable. Oftentimes, SMBs install a suite of antivirus software options and forget about it. That’s a bad idea, they’ll be outdated soon. It’s the same with firewalls. Working with tech groups helps you stay ahead of the game here.

Legacy Device Management

Legacy devices won’t be as secure as newer ones, owing to their lack of computational ability, and open vulnerabilities. With endpoint management software, you can set “trustworthy” controls and those devices which can’t be trusted can be screened.

Our IT support team in Los Angeles at DCG Technical Solutions can help advise you on endpoint protection best practices and which are most important for your SMB. With a good endpoint management protocol in play, you’ll curb data theft, maintain up-to-date antiviruses and firewalls, and have the ability to securely interface with legacy devices. Contact us for more information.