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Nowadays, it is hard to earn unless you are staring into a screen for eight hours a day. Your employees need and deserve large computer monitors with high resolution. Though there is a common misconception particularly large computer monitors are restricted to tech geeks, everyday employees can also greatly benefit from a larger viewing surface. If you are hesitant to plunk down the money necessary to upgrade your screens, our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help you make the transition.

Here are some of the benefits of getting bigger screens for your business:

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Increase Screen Size to Improve Worker Productivity

Though employees can certainly work with the computer monitors they were provided years ago, they will be much more productive with a larger screen. Why bother setting up dual or triple computer monitors on a single desk when you can provide your team with large screens? The latest computer monitors have 2K or 4K resolution that allows for the presentation of as much data as possible. If you are having trouble choosing, our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help you select the best screens.

Large computer monitors (such as the ultrawide ones) and those measuring 27+ inches provide high resolution for optimal vision. Seeing as much data as possible with clarity is important for getting work done yet it also improves worker morale. Everyone enjoys looking at large screens as opposed to small ones. Some employees desperately need a larger screen as their vision is fading, yet they are afraid to speak up as they fear verbalizing this request would make them appear inferior to their workplace peers. Our Los Angeles IT support team can help you with this.

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Large Monitors Allow for Multitasking

The typical employee is no longer liberated to solely focus on one task. We have become a multi-tasking culture in which workers are forced to juggle several workplace projects at the same time. Take a moment to envision how much easier it would be for your staff to multi-task when armed with a brand new, large computer monitor. This larger screen empowers employees to place program side-by-side so there is no need to continuously hit “alt+tab” to rapidly transition between on-screen projects. Though this is a subtle improvement, it has the potential to save a ton of time in the long run.

Enhance Employee Morale

Larger screens will make labor that much more enjoyable for overworked employees faced with the challenge of multi-tasking. In fact, some argue larger monitors with multiple windows effectively converts multi-tasking into single-tasking as little time is required to seamlessly transition from one project to the next.

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Upgrade Your Monitors Today

Upgrade your monitors and your employees will be much more productive and happier. More importantly, the aggregate impact of this investment will provide your business with a meaningful competitive advantage. If you have any questions about monitors, software or anything else tech-related, reach out to our IT consulting team in Los Angeles at DCG Technical Solutions today.