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Many businesses today using IT service in Los Angeles are actually opting for local colocation data centers. A local colocation data center simply means that you are enjoying cloud services while hosting your servers but without catering for the costs of maintaining the servers. With colocation, you have full control of your servers as you can access them at the colocation centers whenever need be.

Here are more benefits that you can experience with colocation:

100% Uptime and Round the Clock Access

Most businesses are redundant about storing data offsite because they fear that they might be locked out at the most critical moments. However, with a local colocation data center, you can access your servers and data whenever you need them. In addition, you are guaranteed of 100% uptime.

Assessing Security Yourself

You can visit your offsite location yourself and check its security and surveillance. This gives you reassurance as you are able to witness their failsafe backup systems. Hence, you can have peace of mind with your IT support in Los Angeles.

Building Trust with Face-To-Face Partnerships

Local colocation center staff is near you and you get real live customer service readily. They will monitor your servers personally, and with their extensive expertise, everything will be assessed skillfully. This is contrary to when your data is stored in a far-away offsite location where you will never have the face-to-face kind of relationship.

An added benefit of dealing with real live people is the assurance of having someone to consult in case you are having trouble with your IT service in Los Angeles. The local colocation data center team is dedicated and always ready to help.

Access to the Local Network

Having a local internet service provider doubling up as your local colocation solution makes operations run smoothly and efficiently. Functions such as uploading, downloading, and disaster recovery run faster on a dedicated network.

Cost Reduction

Cost efficiency here is considered in terms of capital and operational expenses. With colocation, you do not need to worry about building infrastructure, deployment latency, security management, power, or any other factor to do with maintenance of the facility. Colocation maximizes a business’s potential at lower costs.

The benefits of colocation clear all doubts about storing your servers in a local offsite location. All businesses, whether big or small, can enjoy IT service in Los Angeles through a local data colocation center. Contact DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about this approach, how it will help you connect globally, securely, and instantly at a minimal cost. Let us help you with your IT as you focus on your bottom line.