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success stories

Words from our Clients

“We brought on DCG in 2014 because we were looking for better customer support. We used to work with a gentleman who handled all our IT, but he was a one-man band. As we started growing, we needed a company that had a team, so that someone would always be available to help us out when we needed them. ”

Vivian Esmail
D & D Construction Specialties Inc.

Customer since 2014

“I wanted topass along the following feedback from our President (copied above) regarding his experience with Gabriel yesterday. Gabriel was key in onboarding us and I have always found him to be technically proficient, and just as importantly personable and pleasant to work with.”

Scott McGinness
Cohen Assets Management Inc.

Customer since 2020

“In may of 2019 we were hacked and held ransom by an out of country attacker. Our IT wasn’t doing backups the right way, so they uploaded the encryption to their backup server off site. Everything got locked, and we lost 5 years of data. We had cyber insurance, but the negligence of our IT company left me very weary.”

Kim Frankel
ABACORP CNC Machined Parts

Customer since 2019

“Years ago, we had a full-time person for IT, but as we grew, we needed to consolidate a lot of our tech. When DCG came to our office, they were very conscientious and made it a smooth transition. We were operating on multiple servers at the time. DCG helped us consolidate all that data and integrate it, which added another level of protection.”

Alex Rich
UPP Entertainment Marketing

Customer since 2008

“I brought in DCG eleven years ago, because our business had grown to the point where we needed more of a support and security backbone. Our data had outgrown our network.”

Jaime Mizrahi
Monarch Frames

Customer since 2006

“We brought DCG on board when our previous IT company failed us. We were hacked. It may not have been entirely the IT company’s fault, but we’ve never had a significant issue since we brought DCG on board, and that just shows how well they have set up our network.”

Gama Gamboa
McGee Company

Customer since 2018

“The Kinney Group, LLC provides custom Wealth Management Services to high net worth individuals. As such, security, confidentiality and system reliability are mission critical.”

Paul Kinney
The Kinney Group, LLC

Customer since 2014

“We’re a manufacturer, a very small company, in a very niched industry. We’re always looking for ways that we can make ourselves more competitive.”

Gary Wester
Linear Industries Ltd

Customer since 2017

“Before we brought in DCG, we had old switches that were bottlenecking our speed, old servers that were slowing things down, and an IT infrastructure that was far more complicated than it needed to be.”

Cameron Schultz IBAR

Customer since 2019

“14 years ago, we got to the point where technology-wise we needed to get to the next level. We had an administrator who was handling all of our computer needs, but he had limited capabilities. That’s when we brought on DCG.”

Michael Dawe
Haas and Dawe

Customer since 2006

“In the past, if there was an issue with technology, I would try to fix it myself or we would bring somebody in.”

John Kim
General Manager Gerhardt Gear

Customer since 2005

“Back in the stone ages, maybe 20 years ago, we migrated over into a server-based system. This wasn’t in our former IT person’s area of expertise, so we brought on DCG and we’ve had them as our IT service ever since.”

Steve Falchini
Falchini and Associates

Customer since 2006

“In the past we tried other IT providers and weren’t happy with the service. The previous companies weren’t patient with us and didn’t give us much explanation as to how they were labeling/organizing our data. We didn’t have a lot of access to our providers, and when there was access there wasn’t a lot of communication. None of them matched the customer service level of DCG.”

Daisey Navarro
CA Signs Inc.

Customer since 2015

“We have 10 remote offices, which means 10 local area networks. Since our remote offices are retailers, there are customers, storefronts, and everything is in real time. So when we’re down, we’re dead in the water.”

Mary Ann Wagner
Angelus Blocks

Customer since 2019

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your team. I truly can’t speak highly enough of the service and partnership we have felt since coming onboard.”

Cole Gehrung
Director of Finance & Administration, Angelus Block

Customer since 2019

“I wanted to express our greatest impression on Kip (and all others behind the scenes) during the email migration process. Since I had all communication with Kip, he was the front runner on my side.”

Ryan Astrup

Customer since 2020

“The daily L-10 Zoom call with the Beach Front Property Management leadership team has become a critical cadence in the #covid_19 economy. Thank you Josh Holtzman, Brent Whitefield and EOS for making the transition the virtual property management seamless.”

Trevor Henson
Beach Front Property Management

Customer since 2019

“…DCG has saved us money by reducing downtime. They’ve kept my employees working, which means my customers have been taken care of. They are quick to respond, and I know there have been times when they’ve saved the day.”

Jeff Mills
Great American Beverage

Customer since 2008

“…We’ve seen a 25%-30% increase in our web referral business as a result of their (DCG’s) efforts…I can’t say enough about the level of service and knowledge DCG offers. We’re a small company and DCG enables us to grow our expertise without needing to grow our team. Brent keeps us lean and mean.”

Remy Frank
Solid Terrain Modeling, Inc.

Customer since 2011

“I have found your customer service to be helpful and responsive… I am encouraged that you have addressed our concerns and hope to continue the good working relationship that has begun.”

Joanne Simmons
David Kopf Instruments

Customer since 2010

“Instead of automatically focusing on the newest or most sophisticated technology, you and your staff find the solution that best fits our situation.”

Louis Sclafani
Coldwell Sclafani & Company, CPAs

Customer since 1995

“Our experience working with your team on our Florida computers has been awesome. This makes me look like a hero and i owe it all to you and DCGLA.”

Ron Huges
Lighting Resources

Customer since 2011

“DCG manages to consistently offer highly personalized service combined with the ability to provide practical solutions to even corporate-sized networking needs.”

Jim Chase
Word Craft Creative Consulting

Customer since 1997

“Dependable Computer Guys is an A plus company and I recommend them highly… They are easy to work with. Their name says it all. They are Dependable.”

Ariel Trinidad
Dynamic Builders, Inc.

Customer since 2004

“We’ve been a customer of Dependable Computer Guys for a very long time and we’ve never once been disappointed with the service that we’ve gotten from them. The key is dependability. I’ve never called DCG where I have not been able to speak to a technician right away or within 5 minutes, and they’ve always been able to answer my questions.”

Steve Falchini
Falchini & Associates, Inc.

Customer since 1995

“As an ambulance service we depend on computers as a part of our lives…Ever since we started using DCG there has been a big drop in the amount of downtime…Whenever I have a problem I call them and I know I’m going to get an answer.”

JR Ramirez
Med Reach Ambulane Service

Customer since 2010

“Dependable Computer Guys delivered on everything they promised. I know exactly what to expect, and there was no need to start from scratch. All of our expectations were met.”

Thomas I Latiyak

Customer since 2005

“Before we began using Dependable Computer Guys, we just called people here and there as needed. But it was never professionally done. When we decided to work with a professional IT service we hired DCG because they were local. We kept them because they are very reliable, very professional, very knowledgeable.”

John Kim
Gerhardt Gear Company

Customer since 2005

“Your service is state-of-the-art and timely. DCG has enabled us to get our solution to market faster than any of our competitors..”

Frances Wolfe Mason
Mason & Mason

Customer since 1995

“…DCG has enabled us to increase our productivity…Ever since we hired DCG to monitor our servers the “disaster rate” has gone down dramatically. This is priceless.”

Christine SOH
I.T.Director Citizens of Humanity

Customer since 2011

“Their technicians are professional, extremely knowledgeable and always on time. They allow me to sleep at night knowing they have my companies “IT” back.”

Louise Arduinila

Customer since 2003

“My business can’t afford to be down. DCG’s rapid response team is very important to me so I can continue to serve our 1500 members all the time.”

Linda Zimmerso
Calif Chapter of the Appraisal Institute

Customer since 2011

“Dependable Computer Guys are dependable. They match their name. I couldn’t do it without them. It has been a great partnership.”

Mistyka Garcia
Special Occassions, Event Planning

Customer since 2010

“I’ve easily saved $50,000 a year with Dependable Computer Guys. Brent’s approach is to increase efficiency in the most economical way. DCG provided increased efficiencies for UPP and at the same time helped reduce overhead.”

Jeff Dolderupp
Entertainment Marketing

Customer since 2010

“…From the beginning, DCG’s team helped us build a solid foundation that streamlined and enhanced our entire network…We recommend Dependable Computer Guys to anyone seeking a fast, competent and unquestionably dependable IT solutions provider.”

Oanne Apodaca
Westport Construction, Inc.

Customer since 2010

“…From the beginning, DCG’s team helped us build a solid foundation that streamlined and enhanced our entire network…We recommend Dependable Computer Guys to anyone seeking a fast, competent and unquestionably dependable IT solutions provider.”

Paul Kinney
The Kinney Group.

Customer since 2014

“I was very much impressed when I found out that DCG was already aware of our problem before I even knew what was going on. You have a great group of guys working for you…”

Susan Logan
Mitchel Silverman

Customer since 2010

“I sincerly appreciate DCG’s concern to get centerpoint back up and running. Thank you for going up extra mile and trying to connect with me each day.”

Tony Rotunno
Centerpoint Manufacturing co,Inc.

Customer since 2012