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Providers of IT support for accountants can help you more comprehensively determine the needs of your business in terms of technology. Today, many IT accountants suggest businesses make the switch from an internalized provider to an external or “outsourced” technology solution. Managed service providers (MSPs) can give your business the same, and often better, technology at a reduced cost, making their account less expensive than internal solutions. Still, it’s important you choose the right MSP; following are several qualities to consider:

  • Technical skill
  • Professional technicians
  • Well-regarded local reputation
  • Experience in the industry that is tenured
  • SLA agreements that guarantee service delivery

Technical Skill

For IT support for accountants, you should work with agencies that have requisite skill in terms of technology. Part of that skill will come from the longevity of experience; more on that in a moment. The right kind of skill will be diverse and immediately communicate value to you. You should be able to talk to a given MSP and know right away the “spread” of savings to expect from them or the increased service they’ll provide you; either of which can translate to value.

Professional Technicians

The professionalism of an MSP will come with a pedigree of sorts. This pedigree may not be via certification, but it could be established through accomplishment. Ask about technicians. You’re looking for one or another of the people selling you service to passionately describe friends and colleagues and what they’ve done in a way which demonstrates their skill–but you can’t just go by the words of those trying to get you involved with their MSP.

Well-Regarded Local Reputation

Locally, the MSP you’re courting should have a good reputation. This will be established through reviews on Yelp and elsewhere. Ask for a client list or for clients the MSP wouldn’t mind you questioning. Additionally, hunt around the community yourself to see what the “buzz” is.

Tenured Industry Experience

Professional techs, well-regarded by the community, have likely some level of service longevity. An ideal MSP should have established roots going back at least 10 years.

SLA Agreements That Guarantee Service Delivery

With an SLA (Service Level Agreement), an MSP really “puts its money where its mouth is”, as the saying goes. You want high levels of service and low levels of downtime. Ask around to get an idea of a reasonable SLA and shop for the best deal you can find.

Going with Known Professionals

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