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I’ve got to say the Web hosting has been great. It has been fine. It has been very stable. We all feel secure knowing that the server that we have with them is being backed up by them and it’s in the data center that’s well-protected.

In general I mean the whole fact that we moved our – we moved from hosting onsite here on campus to hosting with them. It was really nice to know that our site would stay up and active even if our campus was having problems. It was just nice to get it out of our hair basically.

They were able to set up a pretty interesting thing. We’ve got SQL data replicating from our onsite, on-campus SQL server to a SQL server that’s running on this Web server and it took a little bit of setting up. I mean I wouldn’t say that it was completely worry-free and I do think that we were sort of a unique case.

They had to configure the firewall at the colo in a particular way to allow that replication to happen. But once they did get it set up, it has been pretty reliable ever since because they’re very quick with getting things set up. And they also are currently hosting our back-up, so I would say that the amount of time that they’re able to complete the set-ups of the back-ups and the servers is pretty good and it would have taken us longer on our own to do it. So they save us time and money every time we’re deploying a new server.