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Don't Show Your Hand

IT support in Los Angeles can be a lot like poker— you don’t want to tip off your hand if you want to win the game. This can be difficult to do; you’re going to have to harden that poker face. If clients expect that what they pay you for your services is more than what your services are worth, they’re likely to start playing a little hardball themselves. Likewise, those seeking IT solutions in LA should be careful to source those solutions from organizations that are trustworthy and can be depended on to provide that which is needed over that which they can convince you to buy. There’s a delicate balance on both sides that requires a metered hand, and shrewd dealings.

Salary Considerations

A great area where mistakes are routinely made concerns salary. It’s a touchy subject even if there aren’t strategic advantages available to the party who understands the monetary situation. If clients know how much an MSP is making, they’ll consider that information leverage against discounted services. They’re not looking at collateral costs involved in service provision, just the up-front numbers.

The same goes for MSPs— if they know the amount of profit that clients make, those MSPs who are dishonest will likely oversell to their clientele.

Keep It Confidential

A good rule of thumb is to keep salary information confidential. Experience levels will vary, as will skill-sets. What you’ll find is that even should this information be shared, making a strategy from it is essentially useless. You can’t plan an apple orchard if you’re in a forest full of orange trees— the two require separate conditions. Comparing the salary of an MSP to the salary of given clients is comparing apples to oranges. The crazy irony is that, even understanding extreme differences can make numbers surrounding IT support in Los Angeles less than actionable, both MSPs and clients act on those numbers anyway. They’ll say: “Oh, so and so over at Generic IT is pulling in this much a year? Well, I can afford to haggle over this, then. He’s making enough.” Or on the other hand, an MSP might be thinking: “Oh, so Generic Software Firm Beta has this kind of overhead? Well, there shouldn’t be an issue if I jack up the price a little…”

The Status Quo

However, what MSPs and clients aren’t considering is that operational expenses make it look like profit is just the maintenance of a very steady status quo. Overnight successes and unicorn businesses are remarkable precisely because they are so rare. Most folks are just struggling to survive, despite how big or small their salaries are. Which brings us to the last point of contention: even if there’s no strategy involved, talking money is at the very least inappropriate and smacks of bragging. It’s kind of vulgar.

As you source solutions for IT support in Los Angeles, there are many options you can choose from. A few things to recommend them include:

A professional, confidential attitude to business
Cutting-edge, top-tier technology solutions
Proactive monitoring and support
Backup and data recovery

At DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., we offer professional courtesy coupled with top-tier, cutting-edge solutions which are proactively monitored and backed up for security. Contact us for cost-effective, all-inclusive tech solutions.