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Hackers recently stole schematics and data from Quanta Computer, an Apple supplier. This data pertains to products that have not been released. Sadly, the miscreants responsible for this digital attack insist they will sell the stolen information to the group that provides the highest bid unless Quanta and Apple provide a $50 million payment. The hacking group has already released a document cache pertaining to the yet-to-be-released MacBook pros. They even tacked on iMac schematics to boot. Below, our IT support team in Los Angeles provides a look at this hack.

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What You Can Learn from This Hack?

It appears as though the ransomware hack of Quanta/Apple is a sign of things to come. The criminals behind ransomware have refined their encryption techniques for mass data to lock users out of their systems. Extortion and the theft of data are central to digital attacks. These attacks and subsequent ransom payments are likely to worsen in the future. Sadly, Apple might have to buy back its own data to prevent its sale on the black market.

It was not long ago when ransomware attacks primarily involved encrypting a target’s files and demanding a ransom payment for access to the decryption key. Some digital miscreants encrypted files after stealing them and threatening to leak them. This means even if the target recovered its information from backups, there would be the potential for secrets to be shared on the web.

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The Apple attack involved pilfering data and extorting the company without encrypting the files. It is quite possible data encryption will be used less frequently in these attacks as time progresses. As long as the data is stolen, it has the potential to damage the target regardless of encryption, making the assistance of IT support experts in Los Angeles all the more important.

Will Apple Pay the Ransom?

One would assume Apple would take the threat of its data being leaked quite seriously. This is precisely why Apple and other businesses targeted in ransomware attacks will consider paying 7-figure ransoms. It is clear every business is at risk, regardless of its size or niche. In fact, some ransoms following these digital attacks have been paid in secret, meaning the threat is even greater than most assume.

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If Apple ponies up the ransom and other companies follow suit after their data is stolen, ransomware attacks will only continue to increase.

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