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Tech is improving faster than expected. Advancements in tech have proven dynamic to the point that even some supposed tech gurus are having a hard time keeping up to date with all the changes. Let’s take a look at some of the top business tech trends as identified by our IT support team in Los Angeles.

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Futurists expected machines to prove capable of learning on their own at some point this millennium. However, few could have accurately predicted the rapid rate of improvement in machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. AI is improving in the context of speech recognition, image recognition, apps used for navigation, smartphone personal assistant services and so much more. This technology will only continue to improve in the months and years ahead, ultimately dramatically changing the way we work and live.

The Rise of Remote Work and Videoconferencing

Instead of taking business trips for face-to-face meetings, professionals are now choosing to videoconference with one another and work from remote locations far away from the office. Technology has rapidly evolved since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, some tech companies have decided to eliminate the majority of their offices and let employees work from home for the foreseeable future. It is quite possible that videoconferencing will remain normative in the context of work across posterity.

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5G Has Arrived

Lightning-fast wireless internet service through 5G technology is a legitimate game-changer. 5G sets the stage for smart cities, the use of drones to explore underwater and other remote locations as well as uber-fast web connectivity across the globe. 5G is 100 times as fast as its predecessor 4G, while also reducing latency and ensuring rapid data sharing. Thanks to 5G, business tech will function with even fewer disruptions.

Automation in the Industrial Sector

Humans are being replaced by machines in the industrial space. The rise of artificial intelligence is automating manufacturing processes, ramping up efficiency, and improving company margins.

Web-Based Training

It was not long ago when the majority of training took place in-person. New hires are now being onboarded and trained through videoconferencing and other tools such as group chat rooms and online collaborations through specialized software. If you are curious as to how to implement web-based training and education at your company, our IT support team in Los Angeles can help.

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