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DCG's Manufacturing IT Solutions are custom-tailored to cover everything from the floor to the back office operations. Most importantly, this manufacturer-specific service line is built to eliminate as much expensive downtime as humanly possible. This perk includes automatic escalation for every “site down” call directly to Level 3 Engineers - skipping the usual Level 1 and Level 2 steps PLUS same-day turnaround for 90% of lower impact IT service desk requests. Additionally, we directly support and maintain proficiency on manufacturing software and platforms like ECI-M1, ShopTech E2 MFG and E2 SHOP, Epicor, Exact JobBoss, Microsoft Dynamics and Navision and many others.


NIST Compliance for Manufacturers


NIST Cybersecurity Framework Compliance and It Support In Los Angeles



IT Support In Los Angeles: Why Your Business Should Apply The NIST Cybersecurity Framework



Make Sure Your IT Support Provider In Los Angeles Is NIST- And CMMC-Certified





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LA manufacturers rely on DCG fast, no bull tech support

For 23-years, DCG has served manufacturers in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and the South Bay by providing proactive tech support based on a hands-on understanding of the unique needs of their business.

A break/fix attitude towards tech support costs real dollars when outages or other problems occur. We are eliminating the break/fix paradigm of tech support one client at a time, providing faster, more reliable support to clients like Numatic Engineering, Gerhardt Gear Company, and Centerpoint Manufacturing, along with low stress tech upgrades, outage-free shifts to cloud-based systems, and seasoned help navigating thorny compliance challenges.

IT Support Manufacturing

Where Los Angeles Manufactures get help with NIST Compliance

We are still hearing from manufactures in Los Angeles that need help with NIST compliance. DCG president, Brent Whitfield explains about a recent client who spent 2 years trying to get his IT guy to help him do the necessary steps to get NIST compliance. His business depended on it because his defense contractor clients require it. DCG came through quickly and efficiently. DCG helps our manufacturing clients deploy the correct auditing tools, best end point protection, Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), and affordable 2 factor solutions to help our clients with NIST compliance. Our CyberSAINT Security + tools are backed up by a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) and we think you will find our approach straight forward and economical.

What Makes DCG Technical Solutions, LCC the #1 Choice for LA Manufacturers?


CIO-level strategic recommendations


Fast track response times to service desk


On-site help as-needed


Cost-effective approach



Los Angeles based manufacturers who require fast access to technical help and believe in always on IT infrastructure, count on DCG.

DCG exists to help clients choose and deploy reliable technologies that achieve worry free, "always on" cloud and premise based IT systems. Discover how our IT services for manufacturers can help protect your investment, solve business challenges, so you can stay focused on your business.


Brent Whitfield, CEO
DCG Technical Solutions, LCC
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Manufacturers who trust DCG Technical Solutions

“...There are a lot of people in the IT solutions space. Finding someone you can trust, finding someone who shares the same business values is important. The best thing about DCG is their business integrity and trustworthiness.”

STEVE LEACH, President
Numatic Engineering
Customer since 2008

“Before we began using Dependable Computer Guys, we just called people here and there as needed. But it was never professionally done. When we decided to work with a professional IT service we hired DCG because they were local. We kept them because they are very reliable, very professional, very knowledgeable.”

Gerhardt Gear Company
Customer since 2005

“I sincerly appreciate DCG's concern to get centerpoint back up and running. Thank you for going up extra mile and trying to connect with me each day.”

Centerpoint Manufacturing co,Inc.
Customer since 2012

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