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Business Continuity in a Time of Employee Turnover and Layoffs…

Employee turnover has always been defined as an HR issue; but, in today’s economic climate where workforce reductions are essential to an organization’s survival, business continuity is becoming a major focus for IT.  When employees are laid-off or leave, organizations must address both practical and behavioral concerns regarding their data.

Ask yourself:

What are we doing to ensure that business will be as usual when employees leave?

-Is corporate data going to leave the company when the employee leaves or could they potentially sabotage critical data?

-Are the terminated person’s files, mail and contacts present so we easily pick up where he/she left off?

-Is my business continuity solution going to be sufficient to protect the organization from the potential loss of data?

-If I discover missing data 2 weeks or 2 months from now, will my backup solution be able to get it back?

Contact Dependable Computer Guys to learn:

-The multiple ways you can lose data or it can become inaccessible.

-Effective and easy ways of recovering data

-What features to look for in a data backup and recovery system

-The pitfalls of tape based back-up systems

-How the new Dependable SafeSTORTM
backup appliance can protect your company from the data risks associated
with employee lay-offs.