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DCG Network Diagramming Service

More often than not, new DCG clients lack proper network documentation and, specifically, a network diagram, which is a fundamental part of their business.

What is a network diagram? Basically it is a network’s organizational chart. Also referred to as a network map, this diagram literally maps out how all of a computer network’s parts work together. In the event of a catastrophe, the network diagram provides vital IT information to the person who will ultimately get that network back in working order.

A network diagram is a precise illustration of a network’s configuration and takes any guess work out of troubleshooting when network problems arise. And perhaps most importantly, having a network diagram saves a tremendous amount of time and money when getting the network back up and running.

A network diagram gives the service provider a clear understanding of a business’s network so they can get that network back in working order in sufficient time with no hassle. A properly constructed network diagram immediately shows support staff where to look for issues and saves them from wasting valuable time figuring out where those issues are.

DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. provides a Network Diagramming Service that provides businesses with a comprehensive drawing of their network, detailing IP addresses reservations, gateways, routers, firewalls, switch layout and uplink, servers and workstations, WAPs, printers, physical and virtual servers, workstations, terminal servers, uninterrupted power supplies, power distribution units, and KVM switches.

Think of network documentation as an insurance policy. DCG can create a visual network diagram that will cut your downtime significantly in the event of a catastrophe – big or small. The network documentation remains with your business even as employees come and go. Don’t rely on any one person to know your network. Have network documentation in place for your service provider to access immediately and keep your network in working order.