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Having IT support can be instrumental in helping your Los Angeles business make the most out of available software solutions. There are quite a few collaboration tools available totally free online. Such solutions can be used in a way that makes remote collaboration easier, faster, and more convenient.

Take advantage of online tools like Google Drive. Several notable areas of bookkeeping and general communication key to collaboration, and available through Google’s option, include:

Text Document Sharing

One thing IT support professionals in Los Angeles can help you get policies built around involves text document sharing. If you’re running a company with a few employees, you might want to generate documents from the primary drive you’re using, rather than having personnel generate them, as the account producing documents is the one that has a “data” hit. However, once that’s done, anyone with a link can access the text document.

Sending Spreadsheets

A lot of small businesses conduct invoicing through Google Drive, and that’s convenient. Basically, a spreadsheet is made, sent to a client, and then they pay using PayPal, or whatever is convenient. While PayPal offers invoicing options, it’s a lot easier to copy-paste a Google spreadsheet than fill out their form line by line. Also, spreadsheets can be used for all variety of things in a professional sense. Google Drive spreadsheets are just the same as those from Microsoft Word.

Exchanging Files

IT companies in Los Angeles often have to help companies move large volumes of data from one location or account on the cloud to another. With Google Drive, files that are multiple gigabytes can be shared with ease. Again, there is a space limit, but that can be upgraded, or old files can be deleted when no longer necessary.

Collaboration Potential

Our IT support team in Los Angeles can help you take full advantage of readily available, free (or mostly free) collaboration tools. Google Drive is especially notable. It’s got a data limit, but you can share text and spreadsheets, exchange files, and much more. For more tips on getting the most out of digital infrastructure personally, or for your company, get in touch with us at DCG Technical Solutions.