Mobile Device Management in Los Angeles

Deploy, Manage, and Secure Devices, Apps, and Content for Personal or Corporate-owned Smartphones & Tablets

DCG Technical Solutions, LCC offers a secure and comprehensive mobile device management (MDM) platform to quickly and seamlessly deploy devices, deliver productivity apps and enable secure content collaboration on personal or corporate-owned smartphones and tablets.

Advanced Mobile Management

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Mobile Expense Management

Secure Productivity Suite

  • Secure Mail
  • Secure Browser
  • Mobile Application Security

Secure Document Sharing

  • Mobile Content Management
  • Secure Editor
  • Document Sync

Mobile Enterprise Gateway

  • Gateway for Browser
  • Gateway for Docs
  • Gateway for Apps

Mobile Threat Management

  • Mobile Malware Prevention
  • Enhanced Jailbreak and Rood Device Detection
  • Automated Remediation

Key Capabilities

Manage Your Entire Mobile Device Fleet

  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Windows and OS X
  • Over-the-air (OTA) configuration, security policy enforcement, locate and selective wipe, jailbreak and root detection, geofencing, automated compliance engine
  • Integrate with Exchange, Lotus Notes, Office 365, AD/LDAP, BES and certificate authorities

Increase Productivity with Secured Emails, Apps, and Docs

  • Complete set of office productivity tools for secure viewing, editing and sharing from content repositories like SharePoint
  • Enterprise app catalog for 3rd party and in-house apps
  • App security and compliance policies, including blacklisting, whitelisting and authentication

Reduce Security and Compliance Risks

  • Trusted WorkPlace container with a dual persona approach to separate work from personal mobile data
  • Data leak prevention controls to restrict sharing, copy, paste, screen capture and more
  • Mobile malware detection, analysis and remediation

Control Your Entire Mobile IT Environment

  • Complete, real-time visibility
  • Automated compliance and rules enforcement engine
  • Mobility Intelligence™ analytics, reporting and action engine

Why DCG Technical Solutions for Mobile Device Management?

Trusted, proven approach to mobile management

  • Best-in-class cloud or on-premises delivery options
  • Multi-tenant and FISMA-certified infrastructure
  • Effortless scalability to match your needs

Powerful features to address full mobility lifecycle

  • Manage BYOD and corporate devices
  • Secure smartphones, tablets, laptops and Macs
  • Complete set of secure office productivity tools

Secure containers to separate work and play

  • Dual persona approach to data containerization
  • Robust data leak prevention controls
  • Online and offline compliance checks

Seamless integration with your infrastructure

  • Plug & play with existing assets
  • No hardware or change control costs
  • No points of failure for your environment

Simple and fast with exceptional customer experience

  • Full set up and deployment in minutes
  • Streamlined provisioning and automated work flows
  • Industry-acclaimed customer service included

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