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If you are the unfortunate victim of an email hacking, don’t panic. Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles is here to lend assistance that helps you return your business to normal as soon as possible. Let’s take a quick look at how to best respond after your email is hacked.

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Change Your Password Right Away

If you are even slightly suspicious your email has been hacked, you should change your password. If you cannot change the password, attempt the recovery process. If this approach fails, reach out to your email provider without delay. Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles is also here to lend invaluable assistance. Reach out to us for guidance, to pose questions, or raise concerns and we will help you bounce back from this unfortunate attack.

Ensure the Account Recovery Information Is Accurate

If you can access your email account once again, do not assume everything is perfectly fine. Take a close look at all of the account recovery information. If you do not recognize the email addresses or phone numbers listed, change them ASAP.

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Implement Two-Factor Authentication

Adding two-factor authentication makes it that much more difficult for someone to gain improper access to your accounts including your email. This extra layer of security extends one step beyond a password. The second factor is typically a time-sensitive password that is transmitted to a smartphone. Even if a hacker solves your email password, he or she won’t be able to obtain the second password required by two-factor authentication. If you have any problems adding two-factor authentication, our Los Angeles IT support team is here to lend assistance.

Clean the Device

Once your email account that has been breached is recovered, it is in your interest to run an antivirus scan to determine if there is any malware on the machine. The applications and browser should be updated. If backups are not made, it is time to start creating them. When in doubt, lean on our IT support team for assistance cleaning your device and getting your business back to normal.

Mind What You Keep in Your Email Inbox Moving Forward

It is a mistake to store highly sensitive information in your email inbox. Instead, keep those valuable pieces of information in a locked folder on your secured computer. Furthermore, it is prudent to back up this essential information just in case your computer is violated with yet another attack or crash.

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DCG Technical Solutions Is At Your Service!

Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles is here to lend assistance after an email hack or prevent it in the first place, and we’ll also help you with any other tech challenges that arise at your business. Feel free to reach out to us for more information about our services.