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As you may know, Apple released it’s 3.0 firmware update just two days ago. The new features not only please the millions of current iPhone customers, but disarm the opposition by taking most of the last valid arguments AGAINST owning an iPhone they have left! In all seriousness, the reviews have been very positive over the new features which include an improved calendar, enhanced stock application and the addition of a voice recorder (one of my personal favorites). Below is a condensed list of major additions, improvements and changes reported on the Apple website:

  • Cut / Copy / Paste: Quickly and easily cut, copy and paste text from application to application. Select entire blocks of text or images from the web, too.
  • Landscape Keyboard: Rotate iPhone to use the larger keyboard in Mail, Messages, Notes and Safari.
  • MMS: Send MMS messages that include audio, photos, contact info and video taken straight from your phone.
  • Spotlight Search: In one place, find anything on your phone. Type in anything to see results for photos, email, contacts, calendar entries etc.
  • Voice Memos: Record anything on the go. Voice memos work with both the built-in iPhone microphone or with the mic on your headset.
  • Improved Calendar: Create meetings via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and subscribe to calendars with new CalDAV support.
  • iTunes Purchases: Download movies, TV shows, music videos and audiobooks from the iTunes store straight from your phone.
  • Enhanced Stocks: Get more at-a-glance information and new charts when turning the phone to landscape mode.
    • Safari Improvements: Enjoy faster performance, autofill login credentials and more.
    • Internet Tethering: Share your internet connection with your laptop through Bluetooth or USB.
    • Sync Notes: Sync all the notes you writ eon your iPhone back to your Mac or PC.
    • Shake to Shuffle: Give iPhone a shake and it shuffles to a different song in your library.
    • Find My iPhone: Using MobileMe, find your iPhone if you lose it and protect your privacy with Remote Wipe.

The update is free for all iPhone users, but will cost $9.95 for the iPod Touch. Just another reason to make the upgrade to the iPhone now that the 3Gs is out and the 3G is only $99!