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Ever since the dawn of computers there has been a drive for more memory space. It seems every time hard drives got bigger, we found more and more things to put on them. First it was documents, then pictures, and now video. Most of us take for granted that we will still have more space when we download that next file. The only way most of us know we are running out is when we see the icon in the system tray telling us that we are running late.

It’s important to keep at least 10% of a computer’s hard disk drive open in order to ensure efficient operation of your system. Your computer uses this space to store various temporary files and fodlers. We found this handy tool to help you keep track of the amount of free space on your hard drive called SpaceSniffer.

SpaceSniffer itself takes up very little space, half a megabyte, so even if your computer is almost completely full you can use it. Once you run it will display the various sections of your computer as rectangles. The bigger the rectangle is the larger the percentage of data taken up by this folder. Click on one to get more detail. Double clicking will enlarge the area to fit the screen. Once you have figured where all of your space has gone you can delete unnecessary parts of it.