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Tips and Tricks – Troubleshoot in Windows 7 with Problem Steps Recorder (PSR)

By February 19, 2013No Comments1 min read

If you’re like me, most everyone you know comes to you with their computer woes, yet they can’t clearly articulate exactly what those woes are. Enter Windows 7’s Problem Steps Recorder, which will greatly enhance the way most troubleshooters troubleshoot. PSR lets users actually record their start-to-finish use of an application, complete with detailed screen-by-screen snapshots and information. While in a troublesome Windows 7 app, go to your Start menu, enter PSR in the search bar, press Enter. The PSR window will appear, where you simply press Start Record. PSR then records every move you make while in the app, then zips it into a MHTML file that can be emailed to whomever is going to attempt to solve the problem.