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Your IT support provider will provide reliable services to protect your web browsing, but what happens with the part of the internet that is hidden?

There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to the terms “dark web” and “deep web”. Dark Web Definition: Most internet users seek search engines when looking for content, and information that is found in this way belongs to the surface web. The rest of the content that is not indexed by the search engines will be in the deeper web. A portion of the internet’s information is intentionally hidden beyond the reach of most web browsers, which is what is called the dark web. Difference and terms deep web and dark web explained further below:

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Understanding the Deep Web

Estimates of the actual percentage of the deep web over the total web vary. Some sources claim that as much as 90% of the web is the deep web. It is estimated that content in the platform consists of 500-5000x as much as the information on the surface web.

There are various resources that websites can use to avoid being indexed by most search engines. These resources can either use obscurity or authentication. The latter demands credentials from users to go deeper into the site. Internet users can use direct addresses to access obscure websites instead of relying on search results.

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What is the Dark Web? - How does the Dark Web Work?

Like the deep web, the dark web is not indexed by search engines, and an anonymizing browser known as Tor is needed to access it. It is thriving mainly because of bitcoin, where parties can transact anonymously. Some dark web monitoring services present enterprise risk, including attacks like malware, credentials, trade secrets, and financial data.

People commonly associate the dark web with illicit and illegal activities. The illegal trade items available include weapons, fake documents like passports, drugs, and corporate data.

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Precautions When Using the Deep Web

You may want to access content subjected to local restrictions or limit access to sensitive data. It is especially popular in regions where internet access is illegal or freedom of speech is curtailed. Getting IT support in Los Angeles will help you know which websites you can safely access.

The dark web, on the other hand, presents a lot of risks, particularly for people not well versed in this chaotic marketplace. One of the most valuable things on the platform is data, whether from corporations or individuals. There are scammers on the dark web looking for victims, as well as law enforcement evaluating criminal activity. Malware links are also rife, and you will stumble upon a lot of troubling things like child pornography.


As IT support professionals in Los Angeles will advise: do not go to the dark web. It can be strange and terrifying, in addition to being dangerous and risky. There are no laws preventing the access of non-indexed sites, however, provided you not deal in anything illegal. At DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., we are committed to helping you navigate through the web safely and secure your business data. Contact us now for more information!