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Your Partner for The Modern Workplace

DCG Technical Solutions is a member of the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program with three Solutions Partner designations, Modern Work, Infrastructure Azure and Business Applications. We maintain Microsoft Premier Support for Partners as part of our solution offerings for our clients.

We partner with customers to modernize workplace communications and operations, increase efficiencies in security, productivity, and communications, and effectively shift to a hybrid or remote workplace using Microsoft 365.

Innovation starts with our clients. We serve over 30+ cities in North America through our 20+ partners, allowing us to drive and assist with adoption and engagement. We challenge the longstanding ineffectiveness of traditional IT services by showing up differently and providing an unmatched service experience.

Modern Work

Infrastructure Azure

Business Applications


Digitally transform your business using cloud based Microsoft solutions

Your essential Microsoft solutions will interact with MS Exchange to create a rounded shift into a digital business. Using Azure, 365, and Teams from Microsoft will increase your collaboration and enhance cybersecurity practices.

Microsoft Azure

Boost cloud computing in your business with Microsoft Azure, escalating efficiency and increasing business mobility. Enjoy various services from MS Azure, including networking, storage, and analytics.

How can you benefit from the Cloud?

  • Increase compliance and security
  • Protect your data in the Cloud with a faster recovery than other services
  • Expert backup and storage of your documents, offering transparent accessibility
  • Flawless disaster recovery practices so you never lose your data
  • Implement new applications to customize your digital journey
  • Link your devices across the software
  • Forecast using precise analysis, providing fast and reliable predictions
  • Manage and monitor your data is effortlessly
  • Costs are reduced, and productivity is increased

Microsoft 365

Use Microsoft 365 in your business to enjoy an all-in-one solution for collaboration, online meetings, and security. Experience automatic updates and a safe storage solution, providing an accessible service from any location and device.

How can business collaboration increase your efficiency?

  • Collaborate remotely in real-time, reducing confusion and miscommunication
  • Work on any device from any location with an internet connection
  • Complements the hybrid workforce to enable remote working
  • Easily access files from any remote device
  • Privacy is protected with authorized credentials necessary
  • Host online meetings flexibly with easy implementation
  • Sensitive data is secure and safe from cyber threats
  • Advanced defense against possible risks

Microsoft Teams

Connect your employees in a safe and secure environment using Microsoft Teams, increasing productivity through real-time chat. Your teams will streamline their work, saving you time and money to provide project completion.

How can real-time connections advance your efficiency?

  • Create a teamwork hub to ignite ideas and maintain work focus
  • Enable chats and video meetings quickly and easily
  • Work is completed quicker with reduced amendments required
  • Task management provides monitoring and delegation benefits
  • Customize using Apps to create the hub that you want and need
  • Enjoy expert security and reduce cybersecurity problems

MS Exchange Server Support

Looking for the best email Outlook support on the market?

Our MS Exchange Server Support can offer you all the expertise, maintenance, and security you could ask for. Providing everything from administration, migration, support, and efficiency, we leave no gaps in our service.

With DCG Exchange Server Management, we cover all bases – giving you peace of mind.

outlook -support

Explore DCG's Enhanced Hosted Services

Microsoft Exchange Services DCG offer

Exchange Server Emergency Support

Troubleshooting and emergency support solutions for various issues and problems that may arise, including but not limited to, Mailbox Server Support, Client Access Server Support, and Transport Server Support.

Our support will help tackle issues with client connectivity to mailboxes (including the Outlook Web App and on mobile devices, etc.), assist with any Hub/Edge email flow problems, and help unify your Messaging Servers, including any voicemail and telephone integration you need with your Exchange Server – plus any other Server Support needs you to have.

Microsoft Exchange Services DCG offer Exchange Server Administration
Exchange Server Administration

We’ll cover all your Exchange Server administration needs, including installation and configuration of your server, assisting in the setting up and managing your mailbox (and mailbox database), and managing the connectivity with your clients.

Our team will help set you up for success and assist with any ongoing management needs across the board, including your inbound/outbound email workflow and any further issues that may arise within any of our areas of expertise.

Exchange Server Backup and Security
Exchange Server Backup and Security

Our Backup and Security services will support your organization with a range of measures to give you complete peace of mind. From scheduled Exchange Server Backups and Server Recovery tailored to your needs, we’ll ensure your databases and data are completely secure. Moreover, our Server Disaster Recovery will allow you to restore your Exchange Server in case of total failure. We’ll continually recommend required service packs and updates to keep you ahead of the game regarding securing your server.

Our services also include Exchange Server Firewall and Antivirus to give you leading cybersecurity against any number of threats.

Exchange Server Migration

Our complete Exchange Server Migration services allow you to seamlessly move your mailboxes from one Exchange Server to another, more up-to-date server.

With minimal fuss, our planned migration services will minimize disruption to your organization and allow you to keep your day-to-day business running smoothly as possible – while at the same time upgrading your Exchange Server for maximum efficiency.

Exchange Server End User Support
Exchange Server End User Support

Our End, User Support services, will give you the flexibility and confidence to manage your mailboxes in any way you need – from creating, modifying, and deleting mailboxes and distribution lists as per your request to fixing any user connectivity and mail flow issues, our support will be available whenever you need it.

Microsoft Outlook Support

DCG’s Microsoft Outlook Support services extend to include any troubleshooting needed with Outlook apps, Outlook mobile support, web app support and connectivity issues for clients, and more.

Our Partners, Certifications and Affiliations

DCG's PrivateCLOUDTM server hosting platform

Benefits of DCG’s Microsoft Exchange
Support Services

Give your business the best opportunity to connect and thrive with DCG’s Microsoft Exchange Services and reach new productivity heights with us.

Certified Gold Partner for Microsoft

Being a Gold Partner for Microsoft, DCG can offer your organization a tailor-made Exchange Server depending on your business needs. Whatever your requirements, we’ll design a server to reach maximum efficiency – with ongoing support and advice.

Customized Monitoring

We offer real-time alerts when it comes to monitoring your mailbox – however you need us to. Our bespoke service allows you to control how your server is monitored, and we’ll do the hard work to keep threats at bay.

Mail Flow and Delivery

Any issue in your mailboxes’ inbound and outbound flow could cause unwanted disruptions to your organization – with our troubleshooting support, identify and quash any problems that arise quickly and with minimal fuss, so you can focus on what matters.

Configuration and Performance

DCG provide Exchange Server Administration support that covers a robust configuration process, which minimizes any performance issues when you launch. And when those issues do arise, we’ll be on hand right away to fix any problems.

Regulate Exchange Policies

Our services are tailored to each client’s needs, including the Exchange Policy requirements – whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered.

End Support

Our team of experts will train your end-users in using your new or improved server before we entirely hand it over to your team – with additional support always just a phone call away.

Immediate Remote Support

Our ongoing support can be accessed anywhere, no matter the issue. Our expert team is here to support you to fix any issues that arise, wherever you are.

Exchange Servers

Let Us Handle Your On-Premise Exchange Servers

With years of expert knowledge and experience behind us, DCG’s unique Microsoft Exchange Specialists are dedicated to providing the best implementation and support for your Microsoft Exchange Server.

With our tailored approach to fulfilling our clients’ every requirement, we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all mantra. We’re here for you and with you. Offering seamless configuration, migration, security, and support, we know how important it is to get your Exchange Server running right.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation and let us handle your every Microsoft Exchange Server need.


An Award Winning MS Solutions Company in LA

DCG has a reputation stretching back to 30+ years and 184+ clients with contracts in Los Angeles.

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We're here to help!

DCG exists to help our clients choose, deploy, and manage proven cloud technologies that achieve worry free, always on IT infrastructure. That’s why forward thinking, and agile small businesses who need to leverage cloud technology to beat their competitors count on DCG.

John Angelotti, President
DCG Technical Solutions, LLC


Microsoft Solutions Blogs

IT Microsoft Exchange Server Support Los Angeles

Building Blocks of Modern IT Services

The IT Hierarchy of Needs

In today’s technology-enabled landscape, IT is not just about keeping the lights on. It’s about laying a solid foundation that supports growth, fosters innovation, and drives business success. The IT Hierarchy of Needs is a framework that outlines the essential layers of IT services, from the most basic to high-level.

Without levels 1 and 2, it’s impossible to mature into the higher levels of the pyramid.

The IT Hierarchy of Needs Infographics 03-06
  • At the base of the pyramid lies the basic infrastructure—the essential hardware and software that form the base of IT operations. This foundational layer supports all other IT services, ensuring stability and connectivity.
  • The next layer, basic security, acts as the shield, safeguarding your business against cyber threats and ensuring the integrity of your operations. This includes maintenance and compliance, antivirus, antispyware, patches, and updates.
  • Moving up, collaboration tools elevate team productivity and innovation by enabling seamless communication, regardless of location. These tools foster business agility and alignment by empowering cross-functional groups to collaborate effectively.
  • Data intelligence transforms raw information into actionable insights, driving informed decision-making across your business, predicting trends, and optimizing workflows based on real-time analysis.
  • Automation enhances efficiency by streamlining processes, reducing manual tasks, and freeing up resources to focus on strategic initiatives. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools elevate this by automating routine tasks such as data entry, content generation, and project management.
  • The peak, Modern IT Services, builds upon long-term strategic investments in technology, aligned with your business objectives and goals. This could look like entering new markets, creating novel products, increasing efficiencies for your operation, cost savings, or providing exceptional customer experiences.

Ready to elevate your organization, and move from maintenance to strategy with our modern IT solutions?

Ascend the hierarchy with us and unlock your business’s full potential.

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